Asst. Chief Sam Scott

Friendswood Fire Department

End of Watch:  August 15, 2019


Asst. Chief Sam Scott died by suicide on August 15, 2019


His loss will have a profound impact on firefighters and families in Friendswood and Missouri City where he was a fire lieutenant. Sam Scott has been a member of the Friendswood Volunteer Fire Department and Texas fire service for 27+ years. He was also a beloved instructor with the College of the Mainland Fire Academy. His leadership and mentorship within the fire department ranks will be missed.

October 30


Asst. Chief Sam Scott

Circuit 1

45 Sec Squats

45 Sec Squat Jumps

45 Sec Push Ups

45 Sec Mountain Climbers

2 Minute Rest

Circuit 2

45 Sec Reverse Lunges

45 Sec Jump Lunges

45 Sec Squat-Curl-Overhead Press

45 Sec High Knees

2 Minute Rest

Circuit 3

45 Sec Renegade Rows

45 Sec Forearm Plank

45 Sec Tri Kickbacks

45 Sec Jumping Jacks

2 Minute Rest

Do as many as you can during the 45 seconds of each exercise.  Complete 2 rounds of this circuit, 3 for advanced.

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