Paramedic Raymond Allison

Sterling City EMS

End of Watch: February 11, 2014


Paramedic Allison died as a result of injuries sustained from an ambulance accident while transporting a patient in icy conditions. 

Ray was a devoted husband and father who loved spending time and traveling with his family.

October 22


Paramedic Raymond Allison

  • Warm up for 1 minute by jogging in place

  • Perform each exercise as hard as you can for 20 seconds of work, then take a quick 10 second rest

  • Do this 2 times through to make one tabata 8 cycles of 30 seconds = 4 minutes

  • Repeat the whole tabata again = 4 minutes

  • Cool down for 1 minute walking it off and taking deep breaths 


Plie Squat

Jumping Jacks

Curtsy Lunges


Texas LODD Task Force

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