Firefighter Lamar Y’Barbo

Texas Forest Service

End of Watch:  April 7‚ 2000 


Firefighter Lamar Y'Barbo died from burns he sustained during a prescribed burn.

Firefighter Y’Barbo was also the Chief of the Kirbyville Volunteer Fire Department for many years. He served with the Fifth Special Forces as a ‘Green Beret’ in Vietnam and was awarded two Purple Hearts.

October 29


Firefighter Lamar Y'Barbo

Decline Push-Up

Wall Slides

Bent Knee Back Extension

Stability Ball Jackknife

Jumping Jacks

The idea is to do the circuit as many times as possible within that 12 minute span. It is a bodyweight workout, allowing you to do it anywhere at anytime.  Complete 15 reps for each exercise except for the jumping jacks, there you would do 60 reps. Rest one minute then repeat the circuit. Your goal is to get through it as many times as possible, shooting for four.

Texas LODD Task Force

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