Firefighter Greg Simmons

Eastland Fire Department

End of Watch: April 15, 2011

Greg answered his final call while battling one of five wildfires in Eastland County‚ Texas. Although his efforts helped to save the town of Gorman‚ Eastland Fire Department volunteer firefighter Greg Simmons gave his life doing what he loved.

 Firefighter Simmons was always willing to lend a helping hand. He accepted the oath‚ belief‚ and life of one who serves his community. You could find him at the concession stand cooking for the band‚ at the volunteer fire department’s fish fry‚ lending a hand with the town’s haunted house‚ or serving as the oldest water boy in history for the athletic teams and the Eastland High School band.

October 2


Honoring Firefighter Simmons

Jog in place 20 seconds 

Butt kicks 20 seconds 

Jump rope in place 20 seconds


Jumping jacks 20

Push ups 20

Squats 20

Plank 20 seconds 

Mountain climbers 20 

Sit ups 20 


Rest 1 minute 

Repeat 2 more times 

Workout written by : 

Lesley Karonika RN BSN CCRN CFRN EMT-B
Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Changer Le-Vel


Texas LODD Task Force

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