Do you own a Crossfit gym, a fitness gym, or lead a fitness group?  Are you a first responder agency that participates in fitness activities?  Then we are looking for you!  We are looking for gyms, groups, and departments to host a memorial work-out-of the day in honor our fallen & injured first responders.   For gyms and groups that host a memorial workout during the month of October and makes a donation to the Texas LODD Task Force, we will post your gym on the front page of our site as a sponsor to the event, and will be featured on our social media as well.  All gyms hosting a memorial WOD will be featured on our calendar. You host the workout.   If this sounds like something that is up your alley and you would like to support the cause, please fill out the contact information below.

We are also looking for coaches, fitness instructors, and fitness enthusiasts to help us write a workout of the day for 1 (or more) days in October.  Any day that you write a WOD for us, your name, business, or agency, will be featured on that day’s page.  All you need to do is write a WOD and email it back to us with your information.  We will place it on our website, attach it to a fallen first responder, and make it available to participants to use in October.

We would be honored to partner with you!


Texas LODD Task Force

Contact us for more information or questions