Lieutenant Eric Wallace

Bryan Fire Department

End of Watch: February 16, 2013


Lieutenant Wallace died while fighting a structure fire.

Eric always made time in his busy schedule for helping coach his three sons’ football team. He always made his daughter’s volleyball games, watched her cheer at high school football games and march in the band, and helped coach her high school softball team. Eric was very devoted to all five of his children. He always made special time for each one. Eric was an avid hunter and enjoyed golf.

October 23


Lieutenant Eric Wallace

  • Walk Outs (from knees)   10

  • Weighted Crunch            20

  • Plank                             1 Minute

  • DB Pullovers                   3x8

  • Plate Arches                    3x5 (each side)

  • Side Bridge                     20-30 sec (each side)

  • Side Bends w/ DB            3x10 (each side)

  • Weighted Crunch             20

  • Dead Bugs                      3x10 sec holds

  • Supermans                     3x10

Alternative Workout provided by Brent Jordan and is a workout dedicated to Abilene Fire Department Station 6-A shift: (6 rounds, 6 movements, and all 6 (or 60/600) reps


6 - Clean and Jerks at 135lbs

6 - Burpee Box Jumps to a 24” Box (Burpee Step-Ups)

6 - Front Squats at 135lbs

60 - Double Unders (or 120 regular jump ropes) 

6 - Ring Muscle Ups (or Strict Pulls)

600 - Meter Row


* Scalable options are in parenthesis.

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