Firefighter Colby Slaughter

Wink Volunteer Fire Department

End of Watch: September 7, 2016


Firefighter Colby Slaughter died in an apparatus accident.

After high school he joined the U.S. Army, where he was later medically discharged. He joined the Wink Volunteer Fire Department in 1998. Coby loved the fire department and was a captain at the time of his passing. No matter where or what he was doing, if the fire whistle went off he was there. The guys on the department were more like family and brothers than fellow firefighters.

Coby was one of a kind! He was the toughest and sweetest cowboy in this part of the country. If anyone ever needed a hand, he was there with no hesitation. He never met a stranger. Coby Slaughter will be missed by many!

October 28


Firefighter Colby Slaughter

Leg Extensions

Leg Press

Leg Curl

Lat Machine Pull Downs

Flat Bench Dumbell Press

Standing Barbell Curls

Lying Tricep Extensions

Standing Calf Raises


2-3 Sets of 12 Repetitions

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