Firefighter Chris Pham

Dallas Fire Department

End of Watch: June 23, 2011


Chris‚ along with his mother‚ Thanh‚ and siblings‚ Calvin‚ Khang‚ and Monica‚ fled the war-torn area in 1979 to a Malaysian refugee camp. Two years later‚ they traveled to the U.S. and made Garland‚ Texas‚ their new home. 

Chris always strove to better himself‚ dedicating his life to becoming an exceptional firefighter for the city of Dallas.

October 26


Firefighter Chris Pham

50 Walking Lunges + 5 Mins of Hills*

50 Step-Up + 5 Mins of Stairs*

50 Shoulder Presses + 5 Mins of Hills*

50 Squats + 5 Mins of Stairs*

50 Burpees

50 Weighted 

50 Side Plans- 25 Each Side

50 Plank Tucks

50 Sets Bicycle Crunches

*Or use any form of cardio

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